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  • Don't get caught out by the thief in the office

    Ever wondered why your printer runs out of ink so much quicker than you thought? You may not know that the amount of pages printed from a set of cartridges is based on only 5% ink coverage. You may also not realise that the average document has a coverage of 20%! That’s why it mysteriously goes missing. At Clarity, we offer transparent and concise information to make sure you get the copier that’s absolutely right for your business, your usage and your pocket.

  • The Hidden Benefits of Getting Your Printer Serviced

    In the fast-paced world of technology, printers often play a crucial role in our daily lives, both at home and in the workplace. Yet, they are frequently taken for granted until they malfunction. Regular printer maintenance and servicing might not be high on your priority list, but the benefits it offers can be substantial. In this blog, I explore the often-overlooked advantages of getting your printer serviced. 1.    Enhanced Performance: Just like any other piece of machinery, printers can accumulate dust and debris over time, affecting their performance. Regular servicing ensures that internal components are clean and functioning optimally, resulting in smoother operations and improved print quality. 2.    Preventing Paper Jams: Few things are more frustrating than a paper jam, especially when you're on a tight deadline. Regular printer servicing includes checking and cleaning paper feed mechanisms, reducing the likelihood of paper jams. This not only saves time but also minimizes wear and tear on the printer's internal components. 3.    Increased Lifespan: Printers are an investment, and like any investment, you want it to last. Routine maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems. By addressing minor glitches early on, you can extend the lifespan of your printer, saving you the cost and inconvenience of premature replacement. 4.    Cost Savings: While some might view printer servicing as an additional expense, it can save you money in the long run. Regular maintenance prevents major breakdowns that could lead to expensive repairs or replacement. It's a proactive approach that minimizes the risk of unexpected expenses and downtime. 5.    Optimized Print Quality: If you've noticed a decline in the quality of your prints, it could be a sign that your printer needs attention. Servicing helps calibrate the printer, ensuring that colours are accurate, text is sharp, and images are clear. This is especially crucial for businesses that rely on professional-looking documents and marketing materials. 6.    Energy Efficiency: Printers that are not well-maintained tend to consume more energy. Dust and worn-out components can force the printer to work harder than necessary. Regular servicing not only improves performance but also contributes to energy efficiency, reducing your environmental footprint and energy costs. In conclusion, getting your printer serviced is not just a maintenance task; it's an investment in the longevity, performance, and efficiency of your printing equipment. By prioritising regular servicing, you can enjoy improved print quality, extended lifespan, and cost savings in the long run. Don't wait for your printer to break down... CONTACT US NOW Call: 0117 4569601 or Email:

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