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A small family business working locally here in Bristol offering the expertise you need to help you choose the right machine for your business and keep it maintained properly.

FCA accredited for leasing & offering short term rentals for conferences, temporary offices etc

The national Clarity Copiers brand was Founded in 1977, and has grown into one of the largest independent distributors of digital copier printers in the UK and has often been awarded the "Leaders In Efficiency” & “Best Trading Partners" accolades by the independent review specialists Plimsoll Publishing Ltd.

We fully understand the frustrations when a printer or scanner fails and you have deadlines to meet, this is why we use the very latest software to send us daily reports which allow us to often respond to potential problems before our customers realise.

Quite often when we arrive onsite, we are greeted with ‘ I didn’t realise there was a problem’?


We believe in keeping it simple and doing the basics right from the outset:


  • All prices quoted will be fixed for the term of the contract

       – No increases or hidden charges guaranteed

  • Equipment delivered and set up on a date to suit you

  • Full product training upon delivery and throughout the contract for new staff members

  • Regular servicing to maintain equipment properly

  • Spare Toner supplies left onsite for use when required

  • Old toner cartridges & boxes removed for recycling

  • Mobile numbers provided for fast telephone support

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Need our assistance? Give us a call now on  0117 456 9601
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