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Clarity Products

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Maintenance & Support

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Managed Print Services

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01 - Clarity Products

Welcome to our products page, unlike many websites what you won’t find here is a list of products, as we don’t expect you to know what you want...Leave that to us!


We are Authorised agents for Sharp, Ricoh, Kyocera & Develop and we believe in using all of these suppliers to choose the best machine to suit your requirements and can provide equipment of all speeds and sizes.

  • Fast reliable A4 printers

  • A4 Colour devices

  • A4/A3 Award Winning Colour Multifunction Equipment

  • SRA3 High Quality Colour Printers

  • A1/A0 Wide Format Equipment 

  • WiFi Enabled Devices

  • Airprint & Google Cloud Enabled

  • Secure ‘Click Print & Collect’ Printing for added Security

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Please complete the enquiry form and tell us your requirements and let us choose the right machine for your business and explain why this particular machine will work best for you now and in the future.
M and S

02 - Maintenance & Support

First class support, on-site call out and remote connectivity

We don’t hide behind remote “call centres”. Our operations staff are here to provide a very personal touch when it comes to customer care, solving the difficult problems and continually monitoring the quality of our service standards. Putting a face to a name means we are able to give a more personal service, and we promise your Clarity Technician will always ensure you the highest levels of service




The fact that the owner of the business has been working in this industry since 1987 provides us with the experience and expertise needed to ensure all our staff are highly skilled and are trained to the highest standard and fully appreciate what is required to support our customers to the Clarity standard. Based in Central Bristol we are ideally placed to respond swiftly to all our customers in the local area.


We use the latest software technology on all our equipment which alerts our team if a problem before it disrupts a customers workflow.

Automated meter readings and service alerts monitoring


Never run out of toner with automated ordering

Fast on-site service and telephone support  0117 456 9601

03 - Managed Print Services... the buzz word in our industry

But what does it mean and is it right for you?


A typical set up of a  Managed Print Service contract is where all your printing equipment lease costs together with your on-going maintenance costs are combined together in to one agreement. Commonly known as a TVP contract


Sounds simple doesn’t it?  1 contract and 1 monthly  invoice covering all your machines.

So why don’t we promote & sell TVP?


We don’t recommend this type of contract as its very unfair to you the customer as your average monthly usage will be calculated for maintenance and this will be a portion of your invoice every month going forward for the term of the contract which is typically 3 or 5 years.


Imagine leasing a car and at time of purchase you are asked to commit to the exact mileage you will do every month for the next 3 or 5 years, how would you know whether you will use the car every day/week/month in 2 or 3 years’ time?


But with a Managed Print Service TVP contract you will pay the monthly invoice regardless of whether you use the machine or not? Covid19 has meant millions of people working from home & Schools being empty yet anyone who signed a Managed Print Service TVP will still be paying for machine rental & usages even though they have not done any printing as all the machines have largely stood unused.


This is why we do not offer Managed Print Service TVP contracts. All our contracts are set up based on your exact usages, this is automatically collected by us every month, therefore you will never pay for a single page that you haven’t printed.

Need our assistance? Give us a call now on  0117 456 9601
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